01/10: Manifestation à Zürich

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Une manifestation sauvage à parcouru les rues de la vieille ville de Zürich pour revendiquer la libération de Georges Abdallah. Elle a été revendiquée ainsi:
Freedom for Georges Ibrahim Abdallah! Freedom for Palestine!
Yesterday evening we took to the streets of Zurich with a demonstration. The reason for this was the beginning of the month of action for the release of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah. Although he has been imprisoned in French jails for decades, he has remained a true revolutionary to this day. He has never betrayed his political position, despite all adversity. To this day, the prison walls do not prevent him from taking part in ongoing struggles as a communist. But that is not the only reason we show solidarity with him today. His history is also a chapter in the armed struggle for a free Palestine and against imperialism.
Freedom for all political prisoners!
Freedom also for the militant comrade Théo, who is currently also in prison in France.
Long live international solidarity!

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